Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns!

We are posting three simple and easy to stitch halloween patterns. The patterns use DMC's glow-in-the-dark thread E940.

Flying Witch

Glowing Skull

You guys can download them here.

I would appreciate comments! Thanks!

DMC Thread Special Sale!

Hello Guys!

I'm currently having a special sale on DMC threads. It's just USD 139.99 for a complete set of 447 colors DMC threads.

That's around 31 cents per skein. An unbelievably low price. Check it out here

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Bargello is also known as Florentine Needlework. It's a form of embroidery where the stitches are in clusters of vertical stitches. It's very easy to do and you can actually do it on Aida Fabric instead of the traditional canvas.

Check out my first Bargello design below.

Violet Flower Bargello on 14 ct. Aida

Salmon Flower Bargello on 14 ct. Aida

Yellow Orange Flower Bargello on 14 ct. Aida

Free Bargello Pattern
Now if you want to get the pattern, colors and details on how to do this project, please tell us on the comments why. I know you lurkers are out there. I see some traffic from the US, Italy, UK, Australia and Japan. Don't be lazy guys. Just give some comments.

Here is the link to the pattern of the purple one. You can make your own color schemes if you want to.

Monday, September 24, 2012

006-AL Dolphin Border

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Stitch Count: 80w x 11h
6 colors mapped to DMC and Anchor Flosses
Contains full stitches and backstitches.

Use this design for towel borders and the like. Get this pattern for free by telling us why on the comments. Download link will be posted upon reaching at least 3 comments.


009-FN Mermaid of the Flames

Get this pattern for free by telling us on the comments why. We will post the download link once we get at least 3 comments. Thank you.

Stitch Count: 135w x 238h
No. of Colors: 20 mapped to DMC and Anchor
2 Bead Colors used
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Stitches Include: Full Cross Stitch, Backstitch, Metallic Threads and Beads

It's in RAR format. You need to use winrar to decompress it.

We just decided to post the download link anyway:
Download Here

The Secret Garden

This is feature on one of the biggest and most beautiful cross stitch patterns ever. DMC's The Secret Garden. Actually this is a three-panel set of equally sized designs. However, we found it to be more beautiful by combining the three.

These are the three panels. You may click them to enlarge.

Now this is how the designs looks like when combined.

When stitched on 14 ct. Aida, it actually looks like large painting.

It is available as a Cross Stitch Chart and Kit for any of the three panels or for all of them.

Stitch Count: 588w x 360h
Estimated Finished Size: 42 inches wide x 25.71 inches high
No. of Colors: 74 (I'm surprised that it didn't take more)
This pattern uses full cross stitches, half stitches and a bit of backstitching.

You can purchases the kit and charts at Cross Stitch Central

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dye-namic Florals

Another leaflet in Leisure Arts' Dye-namic Series. This one features three floral patterns. 




This leaflet is available at Golden Fibers Trading

Quick & Easy Decorating

This leaflet from Leisure Arts combines Cross Stitching with Scrap Booking. It has four sets of four cross stitch patterns.

Chinese Symbols




This leaflet is available for purchase at Golden Fibers Trading

Dye-Namic Seasons

Another Leisure Arts leaflet from the Dye-Namic Series. This cross stitch leaflet contains four patterons - one for each season.

Rose - Summer
Daffodil - Spring
Maple Leaf - Fall
Mistletoe - Winter

Buy the Cross Stitch Leaflet here.

More Garden Joys

More Garden Joys from Leisure Arts. It contains 8 patterns about gardening. All patterns would wit in a standard 5" x 7" frame.
- One Happy Garderner
- In the Garden of Life.....
- Life Began in a Garden
- Potting Shed
- Gardening Forever
- Gardening Angels
- May All Your Weeds...
- There Are Angels In My Yard

Purchase this leaflet at Cross Stitch Central

Patchwork Samples

Patchwork Samplers is part of the praying hands series. It has 12 cross stitch patterns based from bible scripture. Check out the patterns below:

Purchase this leaflet at Cross Stitch Central

DC Comics Superheroes

I'm featuring another Leisure Arts leaflet. This time it's from DC Comics. This vintage leaflet from features cross stitch patterns of the various super heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe. Leading the pack is Superman, joined by Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Super Girl. Also in the leaflets are Batman villains: Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Riddler.

Check out the the various ways the cross stitch designs were finished.

You can purchase this leaflet at Cross Stitch Central

Pooh & Pals Light Up A Room

I'm featuring another Disney Leisure Arts leaflet. This time is Winnie the Pooh and his pals. This cross stitch leaflets contains 15 cross stitch charts for 12 cross stitch projects. The projects are mainly about decorating children's bedrooms. I think this is truly an amazing collection.

You can purchase this leaflet at Cross Stitch Central

The Lion King Cross Stitch Charts

I'm featuring the following leaflet from Leisure Arts. It's of Disney's The Lion King characters. 
It has six cross stitch projects of the various characters.

Mufasa and Simba

I Can't Wait to Be King

Coolin' It

Pumbaa & Timon

Simba and Nala

You can purchase this pattern at Cross Stitch Central

Saturday, September 22, 2012

002-AL Green Butterlfy

A simple cross-stitch pattern of a green butterfly.

Difficulty: Beginner
7 Colors mapped to DMC and Anchor flosses
Stitch Count: 89w x 80h

Get this pattern by telling us why on the comments. We will post the download link later. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

005-AL Brown Dog Surprise

A simple cross-stitch of a dog with a surprise. 

Difficulty: Beginner
Stitch Count: 71w x 213h
7 Colors

Tell us why you like this free cross stitch pattern in the comments and go back in a few days for the download link. ;)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

001-SN Mayon Volcano

This is a simple cross-stitch of the ruins of the town of Cagsawa with Mayon Volcano in the background. Mayon is the world's most beautiful mountain, featuring a near perfect cone. 

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Stitch Count: 220 w x 150h
57 Colors mapped to DMC and Anchor flosses

To get this free pattern, please tell us why on the comments and we will post the download link later.

Friday, September 14, 2012

004-SY Home Sweet Home Sampler

A cute sample perfect for beginners.

Difficulty: Beginner
Stitch Count: 60w X 80h
18 Colors mapped to DMC, Anchor

Tell us why you want this free cross stitch pattern on the comments and we will post the download link later.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

003-FL Carnation Rose

A simple cross-stitch of a carnation colored rose. Perfect for beginners.

Difficulty: Beginner
9 Colors mapped to DMC and Anchor
Stitch Count: 52w x 50h

To get this free cross-stitch pattern, tell us why on our comments. Download link will be provided later.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

016-PN Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring

This is a wonderful cross stitch adaptation of Vermeer's famous painting, Girl With A Pearl Earring. 

Difficulty: Intermediate
48 Colors Mapped to DMC and Anchor Flosses
Stitch Count: 168w x 260h
Grid Count: 252w x 290h

If you would like to have this free cross-stitch pattern, then tell us on the comments sections why you want this pattern and proceed to click the link below. Enjoy! 

By the way, don't forget to share the us pictures of your work.