Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free Christmas Cross Stitch Leaflet

DMC is giving away Christmas cross stitch leaflets for free, now I want my dear readers from all over the world (about a hundred countries by now) to be able to get free copies too. But of course postage is not free. So here is how you are going to get these cute leaflets, I'm selling an envelope of size 24 tapestry needles. They're of Pony brand and of very high quality. You usually get them for around USD 3 to 4 USD per pack of 6 so that's around 50 cents per needle. Each envelope contains 25 needles, so that's USD 12.50 per envelope? Of course not. I'm selling it for just USD 2.99 per envelope, free shipping worldwide. That's savings of USD 9.51 plus you also get a free leaflet. If you want a tracking number, it's USD 3.99.

So what would you need 25 needles for? I'm sure every stitcher out there have experienced at least once in their life where they're so eager to stitch only to find out that they cannot find their needle. You probably have spent sometime on all fours looking for that needle somewhere. And it could be very frustrating not being able to find that needle. So 25 needles guarantees you to avoid that hassle. Also, some stitchers use the parking method when stitching complex pieces with lots of confetti stitches. This means that's you will need 1 needle for every color. I'm sure, one envelope wouldn't be enough for some projects.

Anyway, you can choose any of the following leaflets for free.

Free patterns are:
#1 Little Shoes - Not really Christmas related but you can stitch the blue shoes for baby Jesus.
#2 Christmas Decors - 9 small patterns for Christmas decors
#3 Merry Christmas - Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus greeting you a Merry Christmas
#4 Christmas Globe - An "unbreakable" alternative to the real thing.

So pick your first choice leaflet and pick an alternative leaflet just in case we run out of your first choice. We might also try to give you two free leaflets if shipping permits.

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