Sunday, October 14, 2012

DMC vs Anchor Round One Results

Before anything else, I would like to thank my readers for making first DMC vs Anchor post a success. Well, an overwhelming majority of our readers have decided brand x is better. And brand x is actually Anchor Embroidery Thread. Personally, I also prefer the Anchor model as it has more vivid red and blue hues.The shades of blue on the feathers are amazing. So it's now 1-0 in favor of Anchor.

I actually chose this pattern particularly because of the presence of so many vibrant colors. On the next DMC vs Anchor, I'm going to choose a design with more earth and flesh tones. And as promised, I'm going to give away the chart for free. Right click and save on the link after the photo.

Brand X is Anchor


  1. How come for the DMC threads there are 2 different DMC numbers I've noticed so far that are repeated twice with 2 different descriptions of what the color should be

  2. It's because the primary color is Anchor and the DMC colors are the alternates which means closest colors available. So it means that two different anchor numbers may have the same DMC counterpart. Just follow the conversion.

  3. I can't download the pattern: (

  4. I can't either. Came across contest looking for dmc vs anchor. Interesting. I chose anchor as well.